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Welcome to the blog page of Saguaro Training and Solutions Group, LLC!

My hope with this blog is to keep it updated with free and relevant information for anyone visiting my site. Of course, I offer detailed courses in the subjects I teach, but information and sparking the desire to learn should be readily available. Also coming will be short Instagram video tips, and eventually, if I can figure out the process a supplemental YouTube information channel.

So, for this first blog post I would like to share my love of reading. I find myself at this point in my life reading almost 98% non-fiction books relevant to the field I work in and the subject matter I want to help my students become proficient in.

I am not an expert in everything. I don’t pretend to be, either. I am the forever student. Always learning from other experts, mentors, and experience so that I may find a way to impart that information to my students and peers.

Reading is a great way to accomplish learning. In the spirit of Bruce Lee take what is useful from different places and apply it to your life. Not every book I read is a tactical ninja shadow gunslinger how-to. (Actually, I don’t have any of those kinds of books). My library is mostly academic or specialized in areas that affect deeply self-protection, personal safety and security, threat detection and response, human physiology in such arenas, and communication. My library is pretty big as I have devoted myself to studying this craft since the beginning.

Therefore, I feel I have learned from the books I have read some important academic foundations and knowledge that can be aptly applied to the focus of the training provided through Saguaro Training and Solutions Group.

Here is a primer to get you started:

Left of Bang, by Patrick van Horne

Verbal Judo, George Thompson

The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker

Principles of Personal Defense, by Jeff Cooper

The above books provide insight that I think is very valuable. I will be adding other books in future posts that I feel are useful.

Thanks for joining in an checking out my webpage. Keep checking back for updates in the blog, course announcements, and future products!



Owner, Lead Instructor

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