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Classroom based instruction. Satisfies requirement for Arizona permit. Covers following topics:

  • Firearm Safety Brief

  • Elements of Self-Defense

  • Legal component of Arizona Concealed Carry

  • Liabilities associated with Concealed Carry

  • Law Enforcement Contact Guidelines

  • Informed Situational Awareness

  • Practical Principles of Concealed Carry

  • Equipment and gear considerations



This is the classroom version of the EDC C.O.RE. Series of courses for CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons).  There is no range or live-fire component to this course. 

This course is approximately four hours in which the student is presented with valuable, pertinent information as it relates to understanding the realm of self-defense where the CCW holder operates, principles of informed situational awareness and principles for personal security.  

A solid foundation of firearms safety is also covered.

More than the legal component of concealed carry and the minimum requisites to obtain a permit this course, despite not having a live-fire component, provides training on mindset and personal security to help students become assets to their own personal protection plan.

Find available course dates and times under the calendar.

Email to register.



Critical Handgun Skills

EDC C.O.RE. Urban Handgun Series is the next step on the path of developing a personal safety action plan.  After EDC C.O.RE. Basic CCW learning the principles and elements of self-defense and the prepared mindset EDC C.O.RE. Urban Handgun 1 introduces the physical skill sets of defensive handgun to the student.

Urban Handgun 1 is a live-fire course of instruction.​

Students will learn the fundamental skills and principles of effective handgun use for personal protection including: firearm safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, basic handgun ballistics and accuracy, immediate and remedial handgun refunctions, use of cover/concealment, principles of time constraints as related to defensive handgun use, and efficient draw and presentation techniques 

Urban Handgun require a basic understanding of firearm safety and handling as a pre-requisite.

(If you have any concerns about your preparation level for this course please email us.  We do offer Introductory courses and private lessons to bring students to a level to take this class and not fall behind or feel overwhelmed.)

Safety is paramount at all Saguaro Training and Solutions Group training.  If you have any questions please email

Students will need:

  • A serviceable handgun with at least three magazines

  • A quality holster and gun belt

  • We recommend Warthog Holsters for holsters and magazine pouch for the class.

  • Ability to carry two extra magazines (see above)

  • Hearing and Eye Protection

  • A Handheld Flashlight is mandatory (weapon mounted light is optional)

  • At least 150 rounds of ammunition

An email will be sent to students prior to class with detailed instructions.

Check the Book Online Page, Instagram, and Facebook for course dates and availability.

Due to the nature of this class: slots will be limited to ensure students receive quality instruction and that the highest standards of safety are kept.



Fundamental Handgun Skills

Fundamental Handgun is the live-fire basic course in the EDC C.O.Re. Series of self-defense oriented training.

New gun owners or gun owners seeking for a foundation of fundamental critical self-defense orientated skills with the handgun will benefit from this course.  This course is also a great preparation course for the more advanced Urban Handgun 1 course.

This class is geared toward the gun owner concerned with personal security and the fundamentals learned in this class form a solid foundation to build self-defense handgun skills.

Unlike, traditional firearms training which focus on a more Olympic competition approach to handgun use, Fundamental Pistol is designed to set the student on the path to effective use of a handgun to protect life.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Firearm Safety

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Handgun

  • Close Quarters accuracy

  • Load, unload, and reloading

The handgun is the firearm we carry for the gunfight we are not expecting.  We need to understand its limitations and capabilities in order to effectively employ it as a part of a solid personal security plan.

Students will need 100-150 rounds of ammunition for the handgun they will use during class.

After registration an email with registration documents and additional information will be sent out to the account used to register.

Do good.  Train Hard.  Be Humble.



EDC C.O.RE. MRDS ELEMENTS is a critical skills course for those who want to use or are currently using a mini red-dot sight on their self-defense handgun.  There is more to using a MRDS than simply mounting it and shooting.  Critical skills to be effective, efficient, and accurate when it counts.

Based on years of evaluation, use and carry of a MRDS in a duty and CCW capacity, as well as lessons learned.

  • Visual and kinetic relationship

  • Zeroing procedures

  • Dot acquisition

  • Dot application

  • Cognitive dot drills

  • Marksmanship application

This course is a live fire class and basic firearms handling skills either through Urban Handgun 1, Intro to Handgun Safety, or previous handgun training.

Course requirements:

  • Serviceable handgun with red dot sight

  • Minimum 3 magazines

  • Eye and Hearing protection

  • Batteries

  • Minimum 150 rounds of ammunition

If you have any concerns or questions please email

Do good.  Train hard.  Be Humble.

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