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Instruction committed to students



  • Active law enforcement in large city for over 18 years

  • Patrol, undercover narcotics, felony apprehension/high enforcement unit, plain clothes street crimes unit.

  • Force Science Analyst certified

  • Cognitive Motor Training Program Certified NASM/AFAA

  • Active Shooter Civilian Response Instructor

  • SWAT School graduate, Basic SWAT certified

  • SCU School graduate, UC/Plain Clothes/Vehicle tactics

  • SCU Unit Tactics/Vehicle Instructor

  • AZ CCW Permit Instructor

  • P.I.T. Certified

  • Advanced Interrogation Certified

  • UC Operations Certification

  • Urban Surveillance Certification

  • AZ POST Police General Instructor

  • AZ POST Police Firearms Instructor

  • AZ POST Police Rifle Instructor

  • Police Patrol Rifle Instructor Certified

  • AZ DPS Armed Guard Certified Instructor

  • DEA/Department of Justice Certified Firearms Instructor

  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

  • LEOSA Instructor

  • UTM/NRA Certified Professional Training Organization

  • Glock certified armorer

  • Specialized Armament Certified M4/M16/AR15 armorer

  • Live Fire Shoot House Instructor Certified

  • Red Dot Optic Police Instructor

  • 1911 Transition Instructor

  • STOP THE BLEED Instructor

  • Martial artist / Edged and Improvised Weapon Specialist

  • Always Learning

  • Civilian CCW certified

  • Critical Incident Stress Management Certified

  • Critical Incident Training Certified

  • Advanced CNT/CIT

  • Bulletproof Mind, Calibre Press Street Survival, Arresting Communication, Armed Career Criminal, 

  • NLEFIA, NTOA member

  • Competitive Shooter

  • Hunter, camper, outdoorsman

  • Husband, father, friend


“A resume does not make a teacher.”


Richard seeks to help students achieve their potential.  He has been in a mentor, leader, instructor role for many years of his life and through many jobs, assignments, and specialty units.  He is a constant learner and reader with the goal of constant pursuit of excellence.  As a result, Richard not only stays current with relevant tactical training and field experience, he is constantly seeking out ways to improve the method of his instruction, to become a better teacher to help students achieve their goals.


“Not all who are good at this can teach it.”


He wants his students to succeed and improve and become better equipped to be the best personal protection detail for themselves and those important to them.


Seeing a need for the everyday American to get relevant, important, reality-based, efficient, and effective training in both concealed carry and informed situational awareness skillsets Richard founded the Saguaro Training and Solutions Group.


Richard has been involved in deep concealed carry, covert carry, undercover and overt tactical real-world urban operations in which the lessons and experiences there can be of benefit to anyone carrying a concealed firearm or weapon.


Richard also spent several years living overseas in the Philippines.  Urban life in the metropolis of Manila presents several complications as does rural provincial life.  Having studied Filipino martial arts as well as the lessons of walking most of Manila and being caught in a few civil unrest and weather related catastrophes Richard brings that experience and lessons into his instruction.


EDC C.O.RE. is a concept developed by STS Group Founder and Lead Instructor Richard.  It is an acronym that many in the firearms community and self-defense community are familiar with:  EDC is short hand for Every Day Carry.


EDC encompasses the items that the prepared individual carries with them on a daily basis.  They are meant to be essential, critical items. 


C.O.R.E. is an acronym for Critical Operator REadiness.  The bare minimum set of core skills, knowledge, training, and equipment for the Operator (which is a term for the person employing the tactics and gear).


The EDC C.O.RE. set of courses are designed primarily with the responsibly armed citizen in mind.


There are a myriad of high speed low drag tactical courses focused on dynamic entry, vehicle assault, and warfare tactics.  These classes serve their purpose, and because we live in America are available and should be sought after if desired; but, most responsibly armed citizens are not kicking in doors and conducting tactical operations on a daily basis.  Little if any skillset beyond basic fundamental marksmanship is transferrable from a high speed tactical class to EveryDay Carry of firearm by a responsibly armed American.


Most responsibly armed citizens need the training and skillset for being able to efficiently and effectively respond to the most common type of threats in an urban environment within the United States, where they are most likely to need to use those skills.


EDC C.O.RE. seeks to address that need.  The knowledge and training and skills taught in the EDC C.O.RE. series of course are designed to better equip the daily citizen as they travel to work, to the store, on vacation, or going about their daily lives being responsibly armed.  The Series seeks to make community members an asset rather than an armed liability.


The training is founded upon principles of solid CCW (concealed carry weapon: or an acronym most commonly used to indicate the skillset of carrying a weapon concealed) and Informed Situational Awareness.  Knowing how to stay ahead of danger, knowing what to look for not simply being told “keep your head on a swivel”, knowing what to do and what actions to take to stay proactively ahead of the danger, that is where the EDC C.O.RE. series of courses and the heart of Saguaro Training and Solutions Group seeks to provide students.


A solid foundation in CCW and Informed Situational Awareness is where the rest of the training builds on.

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