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Conflict-Centered Training

Why Conflict-Centered?

Students of the EDC C.O.Re. CCW ELEMENTS permit class are introduced to the mindset behind preparing for a deadly force encounter. That such an encounter requires a resolute response. The mindset of the prepared individual is proactive.

When faced with a deadly threat it becomes apparent that immediate, proactive action must be taken to stop the threat as quickly as possible.

Since deadly force encounters occur in the 360° world and that we do not pick the date, time, or location of our critical incident it becomes important to learn skills that allow for problem solving in a rapidly developing interpersonal deadly conflict.

Ideally, as concealed carry individuals we are able to avoid all conflicts through diligent informed situational awareness and an understanding of behavioral pre-attack indicators. However, hope is not a plan.

The whole of the EDC C.O.Re. Series of courses is to provide relevant, efficient, and effective skills for ultimately having to use deadly force in the fight that could not be avoided and almost always is an ambush.

The reality is it will be your gunfight. No one can come fast enough to save you. Your training and skills will be the tools you use to save life.

Students of the Fundamental Handgun course, perhaps never having or owning a firearm, are introduced to critical skills and by the end of course are able to deliver fast and accurate close distance conflict-centered reality based hits.

There is not a course that isn’t designed with providing some level of real-world skills and training a student can rely upon when faced with a deadly force encounter.

The Day Chooses You. Prepare accordingly.

Do good. Train often. Be humble. Prevail.



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