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Critical Handgun Skills?

Turmoil. Chaos. Uncertain times. Personal security is a personal responsibility.

The mind controls the body. Yet, will alone is not enough. The will to win must be supplemented by the capability to win.

This is arena of training.

The world is a crazy place and, now, you’ve decided that being armed is wise. Smart move, by the way.

This realization has led to a handgun purchase. Why a handgun? Because it’s convenient. Because you can carry more places inconspicuously than a rifle. Because it's a handgun.

The truth is the handgun is the gun we carry for the gunfight we are not expecting. If we knew we were going to a gunfight we’d bring rifles and all our friends with rifles. The handgun is for the fight we didn’t know was coming, because, it doesn’t leave us unarmed and it IS a force multiplier.

Another truth is that a firearm isn't some talisman granting mystical protection. It's a tool and it requires knowing how to use it properly.

"Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician..." -Jeff Cooper.

But, what skills matter most and should be learned first? In regards to the use of a handgun, that is. There are ancillary skills of equal and critical importance as well. (Topic for another post.)

A live-fire course will teach you. But in this blog post let's very briefly explore:

Being able to get the gun into the fight quickly. That's an important skill.

Making fast, accurate hits. Only hits counts and you cannot miss fast enough to catch up.

Movement. Both parties are trying to shoot each other at the same time trying not to get shot.

Shooting around obstacles, whether cover or concealment (or a sofa or your car or something in your way).

Fixing malfunctions and continuing the fight.

Doing all of the above in low-light. Your gunfight might be when it's dark.

That's probably a really good starting point for making good use of the handgun as a defensive instrument.

You are your own first responder for every critical incident in your life. Train Hard. Do Good. Be humble.


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