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As part of the continuing EDC C.O.RE. series of articles and courses offered by Saguaro Training and Solutions Group, LLC this blog post is about the EDC C.O.RE. recommended first course: CCW BASIC.

The name of the course is a misnomer. CCW BASIC is called basic only because there is no live-fire component to the class. This class is far from basic. What follows is a brief glimpse into the content of the course.

Personal security is a personal responsibility. This is more than a phrase. It is a mindset. It is the foundation of your personal security plan.

This is where the CCW BASIC course begins: Firearm Safety.

A formal foundation of the firearm safety rules ensures that students are able to safely pursue firearms training and share that knowledge regarding firearm safety with their loved ones.

The CCW BASIC course then dives into an understanding of the realm of responsible concealed weapon carry: self-defense. An understanding of the elements of self-defense allows the student to apply the principles across often dynamic and rapidly developing critical incidents.

Understanding how the law applies to justifications for using force as well as the ramifications and liabilities provides the decision making framework before and during a critical incident.

A key element of an effective personal security plan is informed situational awareness. Informed situational awareness is knowing what to look for: pre-attack indicators, environmental factors, and principles of proactive decision making in a personal security action plan.

The handgun is the firearm we carry for the gunfight we are not expecting. It is convenient and a force multiplier, however, if we were planning to go to a gunfight we would bring rifles and all of our friends with rifles.

The CCW BASIC course provides the student with a foundation of personal security information.

The EDC C.O.RE. CCW BASIC course also satisfies the requirement by DPS for the permit and informs the student regarding the laws concerning CCW in Arizona.

This class is a solid pre-requisite to the live-fire course: EDC C.O.RE. Urban Handgun 1.

Course registration can be found at

If you have any questions about any course offered please feel free to contact us at

Personal security is a personal responsibility. Stay vigilant and train accordingly.

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