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EDC C.O.R.E. Series

What is EDC C.O.R.E.?

EDC CORE is a concept developed by Saguaro Training and Solutions Group Founder Richard. It starts with an acronym that many in the firearms community and self-defense community are familiar with: EDC is short hand for EveryDay Carry.

EDC encompasses the items that the prepared individual carries with them on a daily basis. They are meant to be essential, critical items.

CORE is an acronym for Critical Operator REadiness. The foundational set of core skills, knowledge, training, and equipment for the Operator (which is a term for the person employing the tactics and gear). So, EDC CORE is the solid foundation of knowledge, training, and skills for the everyday.

The EDC CORE set of course is designed primarily with the responsibly armed citizen in mind. There are a myriad of high speed low drag tactical courses focused on dynamic entry, vehicle assault, and warfare tactics. These classes serve their purpose, but most responsibly armed citizens are not kicking in doors and conducting tactical operations on a daily basis.

Most responsibly armed citizens need the training and skill set for being able to efficiently and effectively respond to the most common type of threats in an urban environment within the United States. That being said, this is America and it is the right of all Americans to bear arms and I'm happy that high speed tactical training is available for any responsible citizen to seek out. However, there is a need for practical application of knowledge and skills for the everyday carry armed citizen.

EDC CORE seeks to address that need. The knowledge and training and skills taught in the EDC CORE series of course are designed to better equip the daily citizen as they travel to work, to the store, on vacation, or going about their daily lives being responsibly armed. The course series seek to make community members an asset rather than an armed liability.

The training is founded upon principles of solid CCW (concealed carry weapon: or an acronym most commonly used to indicate the skill set of carrying a weapon concealed).

A solid foundation in CCW and informed situational awareness in personal security is the heart, or core, of the series of courses that Saguaro Training and Solutions Group, LLC offers and will offer in the future.

"There's trained and there's untrained." - Creasy Bear


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