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Because of the things that go bump in the dark…

When things go bump in the night a bright light is a welcome sight. It can illuminate the shadows and show us that there are no goblins or ghouls waiting. Instead, the real monsters are more human.

A good handheld light, a weapon-mounted light each have their advantages and limitations. Each one also presents a deployment challenge. There are ways to be efficient and that there are ways to really muck it up.

Ultimately, a white light allows you to identify a threat. Being able to identify a threat gives you the advantage of being able to articulate a use of force relevant to the threat presented.

Data, information, fact that can be stated or articulated is the difference between using force justifiably or finding yourself indicted.

In the shadows, a white light is the best way to get the information needed to make a competent decision. Being able to clearly identify a threat at distance also gives you time to act proactively.

Training in this environment is good preparation and familiarization with light use is better done in a training environment in advance than trying to figure out when attacked.

I have seen videos of “instructors” conducting this type of training in a manner that’s only hurting their students.

I recommend seeking out competent instructors in this environment. I also recommend getting this training as the probability of being attacked is generally higher in the dark.

Excellence is a habit.

There’s trained and there’s untrained.


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