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Free downloadable  STS Group AZ "PANDA" Target


This target is designed for dry and live fire handgun marksmanship drills from 0-25 yards. The large bullseye is standard bullseye dimensions (9, 10, and X-ring). The 3x5 "headbox" with half-sized inner "headbox". Two (2) 2-inch high visual contrast zeroing targets are on each side with a .875" inner circle for precise pistol red dot zeroing at 25 yards (or closer if you prefer). (Use one target to get on paper close up and the other to fine-tune zeroing at your zero distance.)


This target is called the "Panda" target, because, well, it looks like a Panda wearing a hat and Pandas are one of my sons favorite animals.


It is useful for practicing speed and precision at varying distances with a handgun.


Not designed a specific drill. Can be used at user preference for speed and precision handgun skills at varying distances.


Print at ACTUAL SIZE on standard letter sized paper.


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